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There must be a purpose to a wine list and the products that sustain it. Each product must fill a particular role within its qualities to be an active participant.

Our goal is to provide a small, but thought-out selection of some of the most qualitatively interesting wines our market has to offer.

Our selections are based on wines that are representative of their area of production; wines that have character and charm; have a broad appeal to the food we serve; and most of all, wines that have soul. We like to refer to these wines as “brain wines”, wines that pass along your tongue and shoot right up to the brain to make you think. Each wine on Divino’s list must serve these purposes; there is no room for passive innocuous wine.

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Dessert & Cheese

All Desserts are $10

Our local and international cheese selection changes often as we source new and unique cheeses for our list.

Choice of any three $18
Choice of any five $26

All selections are available for retail purchase